Visit To Mikkeller’s Copenhagen Drink And Eat Like A Danish God

Do you want a line-up of sour beers or would you prefer IPAs? Do you want barbecue, tacos, ramen, or Danish open-faced sandwiches, smorrebrod? Do you want to drink in a warehouse surrounded by wooden beer barrels, in a cool brewpub, or in a smart, chic bar? Whatever you want, you can find it with Mikkeller’s Copenhagen because this worldly brewer, which has opened bars as far afield as Taiwan, San Diego, and the Faroe Islands, has taken over its home city with a range of incredible beer bars, restaurants, and a brewery.

Visit To Mikkeller’s Copenhagen Drink And Eat Like A Danish God Photo Gallery

Mikkeller, the original gypsy brewer, has elevated the beer-drinking experience, creating an exciting and diverse range of spaces in Copenhagen. Their first flagship bar—Mikkeller Bar—has a textmy blog, contemporary, Nordic design: uncluttered bare wood, simple and still homely, with easy-to-read beer boards and small glasses designed more for tasting than volume boozing. Mikkeller & Friends (Stefansgade 35, 2200) extends the concept of the original bar and adds more taps of incredible beer. They also have industrial spaces such as their Mikkeller Barrel Room (Refshalevej 169A, 1432), for aging their beers and with some rare beers on tap, as well as their Warpigs brewpub (Flaesketorvet 25, 1711) and barbecue joint, which is a joint collaboration with US rock-star brewers Three Floyds. At Koelschip, a bar near Mikkeller & Friends, they specialize in Belgian and Belgian-style beer, primarily Lambics, spontaneously fermented beers, and sours. They also have Ramen To Biiru (Griffenfeldsgade 28, 2200) for noodles and beer (drink their house yuzu beer—it rocks), 01 & Brod (Viktoriagade 6, 1620) for beer and bread, and La Neta (Norrebrogade 29, 2200) for tacos. There’s even the Bottle Shop (Torvehallerne 21, Hal 1, E4, 1360) if you want to take some beer home with you, while Mikropolis (Vendersgade 22, 1363), which is a cocktails and craft beer bar, is ideal if you want to sip something different (check out for more info).

Altogether these destinations have made Copenhagen one of the great cities in which to drink beer. Mikkeller has also been able to change the perception of what beer is, what a beer bar is like, and the ways in which beer and food can work together—and they’re doing it in cities beyond their home, activating change, especially in South East Asia. No small feat for brewers that don’t technically have their own main brewery in their home city.

Copenhagen Beer Celebration is effectively craft beer’s equivalent of the All-Star Game.

Mikkel 1er Beer Celebration

Mikkeller is probably the best-connected brewery in the world and, every May in Copenhagen, they use those connections to throw one of the best and nerdiest (in a good way) beer festivals in the world: the Mikkeller Beer Celebration.

It’s the kind of event that has beer geeks gawping and gasping and gossiping for months in advance. Somehow the line-up of breweries gets more impressive every year, with those breweries a ending taking more and more incredible beers with them.

There are four four-hour sessions over a weekend. Tickets get you entry, one glass, and unlimited tasters of the beers on tap—but bear in mind that tickets invariably sell out very quickly.

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