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Visit south africa for More rarely the two planets come together three times within a year or so, a phenomenon known as a triple conjunction. This occurs only when Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn are at particular points in their orbits, so that Earth overtakes Jupiter and Saturn at the very time when Jupiter overtakes Saturn. In the year BC there was a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn between May and December the planets came together once in May/June fig, once in September/October, and once in November/December. On May ? and September ?October they came to within degree, while on December ? they were separated by just under degree and arcminutes. This triple conjunction in BC occurred in the zodiacal constellation of Pisces. Normal Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur every two decades or so, while triple conjunctions take place on average every years. Triple conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter had occurred in the constellation Leo in / BC, in Taurus in / BC, in Virgo in / BC, and in Cancer in / BC. Visit south africa 2016.

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