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Visit peru for But a westward-traveling ireball is hardly suficient to identify Judea in particular as opposed to Syria, Greece, Italy, or Spain. Perhaps one could hypothesize that the ireball seemed to originate from a constellation that was suggestive of Judea or the Jews. However, Moore did not argue this, and ancients’ ideas regarding the relationship between signs/constellations and particular geographical areas were not narrow enough to permit a irm identiication with Judea. Third, meteors are too leeting to fulill Matthew’s description of the Star as having gone ahead of the Magi until it stood over the house where Jesus was. Moore conceded that no meteor could have done what the Star is said to have done in Matthew , but he tried to get around this problem by proposing that Matthew was simply exercising poetic license at this point in the narrative. However, that Moore was forced to abandon a literal interpretation of Matthew’s account, particularly at the point that the Gospel is giving its most detailed description of the Star’s behavior, is a serious, indeed fatal, problem for his hypothesis. Fourth, Matthew is quite explicit that it was the same star seen in the east and in Bethlehem. Visit peru 2016.

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