Why You Should Visit Ontario? – One of North America’s Best Destinations

The diversity of Ontario, Canada’s second largest province makes it an intriguing vacation destination. This portion of the country presents more than 400,000 square acres of land mass. There are rural settings throughout this area for tourists to explore. They will find a choice of Ontario fishing locations, resorts and lodges to choose from. This province also offers you an option to enjoy urban cities like Toronto. Toronto is the city with the largest population in Canada.

There are nearly 3 million residents in this vast city. Along with being a popular choice for living, Toronto is an entertainment, cultural and business center in Canada. Tourists from around the world choose Ontario for their vacations each year. This area is considered one of the best destinations to explore in North America. It has natural and tourist attractions for couples, families and groups to experience. Landmarks and historic sites are a part of what people visit while in this province.

Tourist attractions, entertainment locations and outdoor activities are exciting and diverse. There are offerings in many categories to pursue. Ontario provides family-friendly explorations that include both indoor and outdoor settings. Couples find that cities like Toronto have a lot of romantic and nightlife activities. It is possible to sample the cuisine of the area, as well as, touring the sights that make the area unique. Let’s take a look at some of the thrilling locations that Ontario presents to vacationers.

The Ontario Science Centre

If you’re a fan of science, you will love the Ontario Science Centre. This is one of the most interesting attractions in Toronto. The structural design of the building itself is quite eye-catching. Inside you will find the opportunity to explore and learn more about the study of science. This is essentially a museum location, which has exhibits that are educational and exciting.

Adults and children of various ages will enjoy the Ontario Science Centre. There are technological exhibits in the museum. You also find tours in this location to choose from. Anything that interests you about science, you have the opportunity to explore. The IMAX cinema in the museum is one of the most popular offerings at this location.

Rideau Canal

Vacationers looking for a picture perfect location will enjoy Rideau Canal. The outdoor offerings throughout Ontario are some of the most popular. You can choose Ontario fishing locations to see the natural beauty of the area. It is also popular to see the sensational sights of the outdoors at locations like the canal. This attraction presents tourists with views of the Rideau Waterway. The canal is special because it connects the city of Ottawa to Kingston, both situated in Ontario.

There are parks and lakes located along the area of the Rideau Canal. Taking tours of this area is a good way to see this part of the province. You will also be able to see the diverse architecture and sites found here, as well. Depending on the time of year that you travel, you may find seasonal activities in this area. It may even be possible to participate in events that are taking place throughout the year. Visiting area websites will allow you to learn what activities are available during your trip or vacation in Ontario.

Eagle Lake

Many vacationers will seek out the outdoor offerings that Ontario provides. Eagle Lake is definitely one of the beautiful locations that fit into this category. It has thousands of acres of fishing waters for enthusiasts to enjoy. Ontario fishing has become an attraction within itself. Eagle Lake has a selection of terrific accommodations for travelers to select from. There are resort style accommodations in this area.

You will also find great lodges in this segment of the country. Those with climate-controlled cabins are some of the most popular. These locations have clean lodgings, terrific service, food and an amazing fishing experience. There are many types of fishing spots along the lake for fishers to explore. Depending on the fish you’re pursuing, you may choose one spot over another. There are large and small mouth bass in these waters. Muskies, trout and walleyes are other great catches in this lake area.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Just as the offerings of Ontario are diverse, so are the attractions found there. Sandbanks Provincial Park certainly fits into this category. This is considered to be one of the popular parks and outdoor locations in the province. Situated on Lake Ontario, one of the 5 Great Lakes in North America, this park has a lot for visitors to do. Along with being a visually appealing park, it is also a beach location.

The amazing sand dunes and beaches of Sandbanks Provincial Park make it a refreshing attraction on a hot day. This location is also known to be a place to spot unique wildlife. Officially a bird migration designation, this park provides you with the opportunity to witness once in a lifetime views. You’ll want to visit the park with a towel, a camera and binoculars.

The best reason to visit Ontario is its diversity. There is something here for everyone to do and to enjoy. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer outdoor settings, urban offerings or shopping. Cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston are exciting to explore. You can book a tour to see the tourist attractions up close and personal, or explore on your own. Ontario fishing trips. combined with vacation spots making this a perfect destination choice for vacation.

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