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Visit namibia for In case 24, a master resonds to a discile’s qery abot seech and silence by citing a verse by an ancient Chinese oet: I always remember the sring in my home rovince, Where the artridges sing; And the bondless fl owers are so fragrant! Wmen’s comment, which sggests that the master has actally failed by evoking this verse, cations the reader to always t things in yor own words On the other hand, Wmen ses a oem with seasonal imagery in remarking on case 19, in which Nanqan says, Th e Way is not a matter of knowing or not knowing Knowing is delsion; not knowing is confsion When yo have really reached the tre Way beyond dobt, yo will fi nd it as vast and bondless as oter sace According to Wmen’s natralist verse: Sring fl owers, atmn moon; Smmer breezes, winter snow If seless things do not cltter yor mind, Th en every day is a good time of year To cite another famos examle of an indirect resonse that sheds light on the role of koans, it is interesting to note that the fi rst evidence of Zen on the shores of Jaan occrred when a monk in the late 1100s was broght to the imerial cort Visit namibia 2016

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