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Visit in sa for kongan, and zazen C zochan are sed in their more familiar Jaa nese ronnciations, bt otherwise Chinese as well as Korean names and terms are left in their original A monk asked Zhaozho, What is the meaning of the fi rst atriarch Bodhidharma coming from the West Th e master relied, Th e cyress tree standing in the cortyard Koan Case 37, Gateless Gate 1229 Koans from ast to resent Koans as concise, confsing, and oft en contradictory sayings exressed by ancient masters serve as the centeriece of Zen Bddhist learning and training on several levels First, koans form the central comonent of a remarkable body of literatre contained in volminos collections rodced in the twelft h and thirteenth centries Th ese works inclde varios styles of elegant oetic and eloqent rose commentaries on crytic dialoges like the one involving master Zhaozho cited at the beginning of this chater Th e koan comilations were very mch infl enced by, and also greatly contribted to, one of the high oints in the distingished history of the literary tradition in East Asia Visit in sa 2016

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