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Visit china for Second, neither a nova nor a supernova moves within the framework of the ixed stars and constellations. Therefore neither phenomenon is capable of explaining the dramatic movement of the Star of Bethlehem, which shifted from the eastern morning sky to the southern evening sky within the space of a couple of months. Third, an ordinary nova could not have done what Matthew states that the Star did remain visible to the naked eye for over a year, go before the Magi to Bethlehem, or stand over a particular house in Bethlehem. As for a supernova, while it could have remained visible for more than a year, its impressiveness would have steadily diminished over that time. Since we know that the Star’s heliacal rising occurred the best part of a year after the irst appearance, it would be dificult to understand why the Magi were so deeply impressed by the supernova at its rising. After all, not only would its brightness have been greatly reduced from the time of its irst appearance, but also its placement in the heavens would, of course, have been exactly where it had been the whole time. Fourth, ordinary novas were too common to secure the kind of attention and interpretation that the Star received. Visit china 2016.

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