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Virgin Islands, U.S. Map on Using material rewards for organizations supporting the party, issuing stiff punishments for detractors and the opposition, and most likely making use of some electoral fraud, the PRI was able to remain in control of the presidency until 2000. During the 1950s and 1960s, the country underwent what has been termed the Mexican miracle, a long period of high economic-growth rates and low inflation characterized by an active state, but with ample room for the private sector. By the 1960s, growing inequality had generated discontent. As social tensions rose, guerrilla activity made an appearance in Guerrero, and protests in Mexico City resulted in the 1968 Massacre of Tlatelolco, where an undisclosed number of students were killed by security forces. Luis Echeverra (197076) attempted to diffuse social tensions with redistributive policies including the largest reallocation of land since the Crdenas administration. His statist orientation placed business leaders in a heightened state of alert, starting a slow but steady movement of business support away from the PRI. Echeverria’s successor, Jos Lpez Portillo (197682), took office as vast oil reserves were discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. Virgin Islands, U.S. Map 2016.

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