Your villas in Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula

Book your holiday villas in Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula: beautiful, romantic and seductive, these are among the most desirable Europe’s destinations

Have you ever heard the expression Too good to be true? These are words you don’t want to hear about your future holiday destination. If for years you have been listening people saying how beautiful a certain place is, and then you decide to visit it, the last thing you want is to be disappointed… Fortunately, some place live up to the highest expectations, like the Amalfi Coast. Once you are there, you will see an extraordinary example of a Mediterranean landscape, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

The Amalfi Coast is a unique combination of dramatic landscapes and picturesque towns, precipitous cliffs and lemon terraces, deep gorges and lush gardens it is a world-wide famous destination, everybody wants to see it and lots of stars have been there, and still come. Even if you are not a fan of posh or crowded destinations, you can find the perfect spot here: do not hesitate to look for wonderful, quiet villas in Amalfi Coast that will allow you to see the unmissable attractions without giving up privacy and serenity.

Plus, if you want to be sure to avoid traffic jams, avoid summer months by visiting off-season. In spring the sky is cobalt blue, the weather is not too hot, however the sea might be still chilly but try to come in late September or early October and you will find bright colours and warm, crystal waters, without the crowd!

There are several coastal gems, but be sure you don’t miss the stunning Positano and Amalfi, and also the mountaintop Ravello. This is one lucky part of Italy that has easily survived the tourist invasion, and today it still has the characteristic, genuine atmosphere of the past, especially once you get away from the coastal clamour. And don’t forget: aside the perfect beauty of the pastel colours towns clinging on the rocks, you will taste amazing food!

All these reasons made the Amalfi Coast a favourite destination for many glamorous celebrities. For instance, the Italian director Franco Zeffirelli (who shot one of the most beloved screen version of Romeo and Juliet) owned a beautiful house overlooking the sea of Positano, known as Tre Ville: here Zeffirelli used to invite his Hollywood friends.

The legendary russian etoile Rudolf Nureyev loved the Amalfi Coast so much that he came to buy Li Galli archipelago (between Isle of Capri and 6 km southwest of Positano) where he spent the last years of his life, after redecorating his villa (a villa which by the way was built for the previous owner by the ante-litteram archistar Le Corbusier!)

It is worth to mention that the American-born writer Gore Vidal owned a gravity-defying villa in the romantic resort town of Ravello. This exceptional residence, called La Rondinaia, is cleaved to a craggy cliff above the Tyrrhenian Sea and it is considered one of the most beautiful villas in Italy. Andr Gide, D.H. Lawrence, Richard Wagner, and later Humphrey Bogart and Orson Welles were habitual guests. When the controversial and genial writer Gore Vidal started living here, he began to throw wild parties, inviting stars like Paul Newman, Princess Margaret, Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger: that’s when La Rondinaia became a legend in the international jet-set!

Also the Sorrentine Peninsula has an enchanting power: it boasts natural and artistic beauties and has stunning views of Naples, Vesuvius and the Isle of Capri. Sorrento’s sea cliffs and luxury hotels have attracted celebrities like Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti, who loved this charming town, located on a Tufa terrace and enclosed by impressive limestone rocks. It’s easy to understand why visitors from all over the world come to admire the romantic sunsets and to immerse in the alluring fragrances of orange and lemon gardens

Like Amalfi and the Amalfi Coast in general, Sorrento is at its best in the low season, when you can sense the authenticity of places like the picturesque fishing harbor of Marina Grande. By avoiding July and August, you are able to enjoy the delicious local dishes in the typical – and not too crowded – restaurants. And don’t miss the ceramics, the lacework and intarsio (marquetry items) that are produced here.

In any season, if you want to relax and have a perfect stay, the ideal solution is to book a quiet, luxury villa with all the comforts you need: you may find splendid apartments and villas with panoramic views, just a few minutes far from Sorrento.

Last but not least, Sorrento is also well known also for the famous Limoncello, a sweet lemon liqueur that you definitely have to try!

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