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Vietnam tourism for FIG Comet Holmes during its outburst in Image credit John Buonomo/Wikimedia Commons. Another comet that had an outburst was Halley’s Comet, on December when it was AU from the Sun it became times brighter. In the year , comets C/ S LINEAR and P/Schwassmann also underwent major outbursts. These outbursts occurred because fresh ice and dust were suddenly being released from the comet nucleus. In the case of the outbursts in the year , what happened marked a key stage in the process of the comets’ splitting into pieces. As regards the case of comets Holmes and Halley, the nuclei may have been hit by asteroids, and/or gas pockets within the nuclei may have exploded. Curiously, in the months after it was irst observed, rather than laring in brightness from a single [outburst or infrequent outbursts, Hale-Bopp seemed to be pufing them out one after another like a locomotive. Vietnam tourism 2016.

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