Vientiane Map, Capital Of Laos

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Vientiane Map, Capital of Laos for Vinf is the pre-atmospheric velocity km/sec; Vg the geocentric velocity km/sec; Z_t the distance of the radiant from the zenith taking into account the analysis of P.S.Gural, Fully Correcting for the Spread in Meteor Radiant Positions Due to Gravitational Attraction, WGN, Journal of the International Meteor Organization [ lambda and beta the radiant as it would have been observed before correction for zenith attraction; a the semi-major axis of the meteoroid stream in AU; q the perihelion distance in AU; e the eccentricity of the orbit; i the inclination of the orbital plane; Node the ascending node; the argument of perihelion; f the true anomaly; and P the orbital period in years.NOTE Absolute precision regarding the moment when the meteor storm occurred is not required for our purpose, that is, getting a sense of the orbital characteristics of the meteoroid stream responsible.

It is also possible that the meteors radiated from higher up on the tail, which extended approximately as far as the star HIP.A meteoroid stream with any of the sets of orbital elements shown in table could theoretically have resulted in a meteor storm radiating from the uppermost part of the tail, where the feet of the Babylonian Raven Greek, Corvus the Crow rested.The orbital possibilities for the meteoroid stream that caused the Hydrid meteor storm if it was observed from Babylon to radiate from HIP hour minutes before sunrise on October , BC as calculated by Dr.

Vientiane Map, Capital of Laos 2016.

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