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Verana is certainly off the beaten track. From Puerto Vallarta (where no one I met had ever heard of it) you take a taxi to the harbour town of Boca de Tomatlan, where a launch picks you up for the 30-minute trip along the coast to the fishing village of Yelapa. From there it’s a few minutes’ walk up a dirt track through the jungle, while a donkey carries your bags.

The presiding talents at Verana are Heinz Legler, an LA-based set decorator, and his French wife Veronique Lievre, an interior designer. The remoteness of their chosen site was no obstacle to the creation of some splendidly High Design accommodation. Six


Clockwise from far left, outside the Studio house; one of the Casa Grande’s two bedrooms; the resort’s dining area, on a hill dotted with palms, citrus and mango trees

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