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While in Maracay you should rent a car and ride for an hour along a concrete road to Rancho Grande, a botanical and zoological museum, right in the middle of the Rancho Grande National Park. This is an area of about 200,000 acres and is one of the few remaining examples of the original Rain Forest. Over 2,000 species of trees have already been catalogued in the fabulous park. Thirty-four miles away, to the northwest, is the old port of Puerto Cabello.

Maracaibo Tourists may be. interested in the Maracaibo lowland country with Lake Maracaibo. The city is the second in size in Venezuela and one of the world‚„s oil centers. Intercontinental Hotels Corporation operates the fine new air-conditioned Hotel del Lago here with swimming pool on the lake in a grove of coconut palms. Besides this model hotel there is Hotel Detroit which is good too. Ferryboats operating about every half hour cross the narrow neck of the lake between Maracaibo and the oil fields, where over 500 oil wells are drilled in the lake bottom.

Orinoco River: The Venezuelan Government operates modern twin Diesel steamers on the Orinoco, with comfortable cabins and adequate food and sleeping accommodations, on weekly schedules between Ciudad Bolivar and Puerto Ayacucho, at the beginning of the great rapids separating the lower Orinoco from the Upper River. This trip, which runs to between 5 and 6 days, permits one to see 600 miles of this virtually undeveloped river which is between 5 to 8 miles wide even after one has sailed more than a week above its mouth. The Middle Orinoco and the Venezuelan plains, Los Llanos, are famous for their cattle ranching and big-game hunting. If you have time, fly to Isla Margarita, less than 2 hours by air from Maiquetia airport, which is the principal source of oyster pearls in the whole of the Western Hemisphere. The island has a fascinating history, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and facilities for all sorts of deep-sea fishing. Check on the new hotel here.

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION : Local tourist information can be had at the registry desk of most hotels, at the office of the Tourist Board at the Tamanaco and from a large number of travel agents scattered throughout Caracas and the other important cities. The same offices will obtain tickets for all types of entertainment. There are no organized guide services, but the principal travel agents in Caracas will provide guides and arrange for trips along the coast and into the interior if given sufficient notice.

The Caracas Journal, an English-language newspaper, appears daily and has good listings of information of interest to tourists, particularly on theaters, music and sports. In Maracaibo there is a weekly in English, the Maracaibo Herald.

Other offices of interest to tourists are: the American Embassy and Consulate, Avenida Avila, San Bernardino; and the PAA office in Edificio Pan American, Avenida Este Uno at Pte. Urupal (Tel. 58101 through 58108).

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