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While mone is the original source and the point from which emanation starts and to which it returns, proodos and epistrophe represent a genuine cyclical movement of the divine energy that emanates from the transcendent one and returns to it De div. nom. 4,14,712D-713A. These three moments were already fundamental in Neoplatonism. B. Unions and distinctions. These two basic concepts are widely illustrated in the second chapter of the Divine Names. On a more general level, while union henosis refers to the deity considered in his absolute transcendence mone distinction diakrisis regards his emanations proodoi, Venezuela Map Tourist Attractions manifestations ekphanseis and multiplications pollaplasiasmoi, which produce the various real existents.

Nevertheless, union and distinction in turn admit, each on its own account, other unions and distinctions: in the union represented by the absolutely transcendent deity, while the unions are the common property of all three persons that compose the deity, the distinctions are grounded on the three persons of the Trinity, which admit no confusion either between themselves or between their roles.

C. Negative and positive theology in relation to the application to the deity of the first two hypotheses of Plato’s Parmenides. Ps.-Dionysius uses both negative theology denying the first principle every possible attribute apophatic method and positive theology, which attributes every property to the deity cataphatic method. Negative theology appears in Cael. hier.

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