Time for some breakfast. I have a cup of rolled oats that are gluten free. I just add them to a blender banana into this whole deal like that and just a little bit dash of cinnamon vanilla and nutmeg just under and that’s it everything looks awesome. So the batter is ready. I use the coconut oil for that this doesn’t look very good but what. I usually do actually is a paper towel to get rid of the excess and making sure the entire pan is smudged with oil but, I’m just like that see making my here sift it delicious breakfast lunch time, I’m just about to have lunch if you like, I’m coming down with some sort of allergy or something as you can see my nose is red and, I’m feeling kind of weird. I just had a green juice is my leg today snap this post makes me realize how much. I eat and drink this is just a parsley cucumber celery plenty of avocado.


So it makes it very thick and lime and pepper it’s very spicy very nice and, I’m just start to make my lunch my salad and, I always have salads because, I’m lazy and not very creative. So salads are always the way to go and, I buy this from Whole Foods this giant packet of blended baby spinach and spring mix and that’s always the base for my salad. I also do halo every now and then oh this forever reason is less boring to me then. I add a little bit of the kale Brussels sprouts broccoli and cabbage make brown carrados just to make it a little bit more crunchy they like it crunchy now we’ll be cutting up veggie soviets adding some Tomatoes look oh pretty good perfect tomato yeah. I’ll show you once again this post makes me realize. I saw need and you’re caddying forward this is the right way but anyway. So, I’m adding some kind of tomato. I love Tomatoes. I used to hate Tomatoes and for whatever reason now. I love them used to be like Oh get out of this wet watering thing spoiling my sandwich now. I can’t imagine my salads let a tomato and it’s a beautiful color too they have that. I cut up an avocado to putting it in nice, I’m just gonna flip out.

So it looks better which site looks better. I don’t know. So so far it looks like this then. I add my favorite hope hummus it’s Thai coconut curry excuse my dog tags Thai coconut curry it’s spicy. But I actually. I could personally. So just like a little tiny bit actually use it as a salad it’s not very easy to film hmm you have it like that such like burns your mouth but when. I mix it with veggies it’s not. So bad and right here mmm hear that apart from my god sir actually. I was some roasting some yams some sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes are delicious and, I probably they’re really good for you like the good kind of carbs. So I make sure. I always add them to my salad. So I move the sweet potatoes right into my bowl right now and now. I’ll be adding some chickpeas. I love chickpeas. I love hummus. I usually often that how much do it. But I just cooked them it’s actually not. So easy to boil chickpeas take spareribs. I actually really struggle to put anything with my left hand, I should be filming a violet panna and putting stuff with my right hand anyways um. So that’s what it looks like right now it’s amazing you can see my fancy outfit – yeah. So chickpeas. I put a little bit of black, I’m only here to the Thai coconut curry guacamole lots of avocado number tomato and a falafel. Because I love falafel. So just put one in the middle now the most important thing on my salad is what you sprinkle with. I don’t like sort of like fancy dressings.

I used to use olive oil but now but I’ve done a seminar with Tony Robbins and she talked a lot about and how is to use right essential oils and the moment. I discovered this essential oil it’s not very cheap and you have to keep it in the fridge but looks it comes with them in a dark bottle it’s actually a blend of three oils omega fatty acids flaxseed oil sesame oil and some proto seed oil it’s apparently according to every single book I’ve read the most amazing thing in the world that can happen to you. So yeah you keep it’s all organic. I think it’s twenty or thirty dollars that Whole Foods but once you have it actually lasts forever you’ll need a few spoons and they always sprinkle myself with it just like that. I’ll show you and it’s taste amazing it tastes amazing it’s super good for you and it gives you that right kind of fats that you need to have in your body not to crave sugar and other stuff and even if it goes on my hummus. I don’t mind because actually like that and then a little bit of pumpkin seeds – voila this is my lunch today delicious and colorful oh and one thing. I forgot to mention is that, I’m going to have that with this Rabb this is pizza crust Kapali Oh pizza crust that’s made with carrots tomatoes zucchini flax seed and sunflower seeds but actually put it on the side here right now it’s ready perfect and, I’m going to eat it but you have to say it looks amazing don’t you think.

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