Vedi City of Afghanistan

Vedi City of Afghanistan for As an isolated ideal for individuals, engaging in self-legislation and self-mastery seems unproblematic. It appears obvious, for instance, that the acrophobic person who cannot govern himself to walk over high bridges is not as free and hence not as fortunate as someone who does not bear the burden of an obsessive fear of heights. The problem arises when we examine positive liberty in social and political life. Should we assume that the selves being legislated and mastered in the public realm are identical in their interests, desires, and needs? Historically, Berlin notes, this assumption has been made by positive libertarians, and with some catastrophic results. The quest for positive liberty, Berlin observes, has typically led to a prescribed form of life that often served as a specious disguise for brutal tyranny.37 A brief look at the political thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau will illustrate Berlin’s point. Rousseau, like Hobbes, posits the making of a social contract that effectively politicizes a prior state of nature and puts an end to anarchy. Vedi City of Afghanistan 2016.

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