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Vancouver Subway Map on , Theories of Income Distribution (Kluwer Academic, 1988); Mark Blaug, Economic Theory in Retrospect (Cambridge University Press, 1978, third edition); C. E. Ferguson, Microeconomic Theory (Irwin, Inc., 1972); Michael C. Howard, Modern Theories of Income Distribution (St. Martin’s Press, 1979); Karl Marx, Capital (International Publishers, 1967); Bradley R. Schiller, The Macro Economy Today (McGraw-Hill, 2000); Paul M. Vancouver Subway Map 2016.

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With a positive bond established, the focus was to help mothers become more reflective about their own reactions to their children and events and help them to be more sensitive and responsive to their toddlers behavior. Through questioning, and active listening, therapists drew out mothers underlying beliefs about themselves, their children, and the events that occurred in their lives. Mothers were encouraged to examine and question these beliefs and to develop a fuller picture of their child’s behavior. As mothers became more reflective about their behavior and their children’s reactions, they became more sensitive and responsive to their children’s distress, and children did not have to work so hard to communicate their needs to get parents help. There were indications mothers psychological adjustment and substance abuse improved as well.

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