Values, Religions and Superstitions from Haiti

Haiti is known to be a nation wherein 95% of its inhabitants are Africans. There was a time when this was used as a port as the place wherein people got slaves. With all of the things that Haitians have gone through, they have developed unique values, religions and superstitions.

Family Values

There are different social classes that are available in Haiti as well as some parts of the world but in Haiti, it does not matter what type of social class you are in, you always have to pay special attention to your family values. Family is known to always come first in Haiti.

Men and women in Haiti are allowed to work but typically, men do a lot of work outside the house. Women are not always expected to stay at home but if they could, they would. The children that couples are going to have will be showered with love and affection and they are taught how to respect their elders in return. Children will be the ones to take care of their parents when they grow too old. Extended families also live together in one home so they all take care of the elderly.


There are different religions that are being practiced in Haiti. Some are religions that are also practiced widely in other parts of the world like Catholicism and Protestantism but people are not aware that people in Haiti also practice Voodoo. Catholicism is the main religion introduced in the nation but it has managed to acquire the other religions too. Others say that there may be other minor religions that are available. When it comes to voodoo, there are two types namely Rada (white) and Petro (black) magic.


The people in Haiti believe in superstitions. People in Haiti believe that the things that they have to go through will all be related to the future. For instance, they believe that when people eat on top of a watermelon, there is a big chance that their mother will die. There are also other chores that cannot be done because they believe that this will result to the untimely death of their mothers.

In an online dating site called Haiti dating, some of these values, religion and superstitions are not being followed by the modern day Haitian anymore. According to a survey created by the website 66% of Haitians still believe in some of the superstitions and are still devoted to their family values. There are some Haitians who have adapted into new things.

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