Valley of Flowers India

In the Himalayan ranges there are several charming and delightful mountain peaks that are fully covered with greenery and or somewhere covered with thick layers of snow which can be seen shinning from far off. Somewhere there is lake or some places there are waterfalls. Among these beautiful natural scenery’s entire one name is ‘Valley of Flowers.’

This valley is situated 12,000 feet above sea level. Here one can even reach by foot via Hardwar to Badrinath, Govind Ghat and via Ghangharia. In the spring season the entire valley looks like a newly wedded bride dressed up in different varied plants and many flowers, in the month of June- July it seems as though a colorful carpet with innumerous flowers have been spread over on the valley covering it.

Valley of Flowers India Photo Gallery

Though varied kind and of varied color flowers are seen in the valley but Brahma Lotus have its own uniqueness and beauty. This flower is seen on a height of 15,000 feet; these flowers are devoted to God while their prayers in the temples of Badrinath, Gangotri and Kedarnath. Garhwal people make garlands of these flowers and hang it on the outside door because they believe that if Brahma lotus is there in the house then no evil soul would come in their house.

Reading the beauty of this valley one foreigner lady got so attracted that she came here to admire and see the beauty. She was so much taken aback by the flowers and the plants of this valley that she decided to take away the seeds and creepers from this valley and grow them in her country. One day suddenly by slipping of her feet she fell down in the pit in the valley and died away and then in her memory a tomb had been built up there.

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