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Vacations s for Frthermore, in several dialoges Zhaozho leaves the temle comond to interact with irreglar ractitioners or other challenges to his abbacy’s athority In addition to the koan involving two hermits, Gateless Gate case 31 featres Zhaozho’s enconter with a wise old woman who sells rice cakes by the side of the road that leads to the Bddhist cltic center on Mont Wtai, near his temle Th is sacred montain range was the sorce of magnifi cent visionary exeriences of the bodhisattva Maitreya riding on a white elehant among mlticolored clods and for that reason was considered off limits for Zen monks engaged strictly with inner contemlation Zhaozho wanted to sto the granny from encoraging his disciles to travel there He claims to have checked ot, or investigated, the old lady, bt the ending is vage abot which of the el der ly arties, the male riest or female layerson, was the winner of the contest of wills Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 35 Another crcial element of exloring koan cases concerns the role of commentaries, which amlify, enhance, or sometimes defer from the content of the dialoge In a cole of instances, Wmen’s remarks sh the discorse into a diff erent area altogether Vacations s 2016

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