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Vacations nited states for 34 Th ese dialoges inclde the qestion abot a dog’s ossession of siritality, raised in Gateless Gate case 1, and the story, in case 14, of how a cat that two sets of monks qarrel over is ct in half by Nanqan, Zhaozho’s teacher Th is is one of several cases in which there is an act of violence, as in case 3, when a novice’s fi nger is severed, and in case 41, when Hike sacrifi ces his arm Aft er the main action in case 14, Nanqan tells the rize stdent Zhaozho that his absrd action of tting a sandal on his head and walking away aft er hearing abot what haened wold have saved the animal’s life In the Ble Cliff Record, the cat dialoge is sread over two cases, indicating the variability of re sen ta tion and commentary in varios koan collections While these koan rec ords featre real creatres, since cats and dogs were ket on monastery gronds to chase ests or intrders and their resence also off ered comanionshi in a lonely environment, in Gateless Gate case 2 a mysterios monk who aears as a shaeshift ing fox asks master Baizhang to free him from bondage to moral casality Many cases highlight secifi c concrete objects, bt other dialoges involve dreams and visions, sirits and deities, and heavenly and otherworldly activities, as well as additional mythical ingredients In these narratives, the natral and sernatral realms are oft en merged or layed off each other in order to teach a lesson abot moral activity related to sirital flfi llment Vacations nited states 2016

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