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Vacations spots for Hughes admits that a -degree gap twice the Moon’s diameter, or the width of a little inger at the end of an extended arm is not particularly close as far as conjunctions go, and that no ancient would have regarded the two planets as a single star. By contrast, he concedes, the three conjunctions of / BC all saw Jupiter and Saturn come closer to each other than one quarter of one degree equivalent to the Moon’s radius. The separation between the planets during the BC triple conjunction constitutes a signiicant problem for those who identify it as the Bethlehem Star, because Matthew is clear that the Star was a single entity. Moreover, we might well ask why the Magi would have responded so dramatically to what was a rather unspectacular phen omenon. As it happens, we have four copies of an astronomical almanac for the year / BC from Bab ylon. Babylonian astronomical almanacs were written in the year prior to the year for which their predictions of astronomical events were made. Strikingly, the almanac entry for / BC does not take particular note of the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. Vacations spots 2016.

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