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Vacations sots in sa for In traditional Chinese wedding rites, the image of tangled vines fnctions as a meta hor for the ceremonial binding and bonding of marriage artners and their extended families For Zen advocates of the literary aroach, tangled vines can signify comlications of entanglements, bt this is not to be nderstood in a negative sense Rather, entanglements reresent a thoroghly rodctive means of catring the mltile imlications of enlightenment by evoking, sally indirectly or throgh allsion, revios writings from Zen and other forms of literatre Seen in that vein, koans are comared to intertwined tendrils that enable ongoing discssions and exlanations of varios images and symbols withot regard for fi nding a clear and decisive conclsion to the sirital athway Th e main schools of Zen constitte mltifaceted ideologies that shold not be ste reo tyed or redced to simlistic formlas However, becase of the legacy of sectarian divisiveness stemming from the Song dynasty in China and reinforced in the Edo eriod in Jaan as well as in varios eriods of Korean history, the branches of Zen are oft en deicted today in both Asian and Western textbooks as standing fi rmly in oosition Th e tyical ictre is that Rinzai sorts the method of abbreviation and Soto endorses elaboration Vacations sots in sa 2016

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