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Vacations packages for From Pliny and Ptolemy we get a good idea how the astrological system of interpretation with regard to comets worked. When one factors in that comets often move around through different parts of the sky, one begins to appreciate the number and complexity of messages that astrologers might divine from them. Based on what Pliny and Ptolemy wrote, we can set forth a series of questions that astrologers in the Greco-Roman and probably Babylonian environment around the turn of the ages would have asked in order to determine a comet’s meaning and significance Where in the sky did the comet first appear? What did the comet as a whole look like? For example, did it seem similar to a beam of wood, a sword, a javelin, a lute, a trumpet, a horn, a torch, a beard, a mane, a goat, a discus, a jar, or a cask? What was its color? Shape? Size? Movement? Brightness? What did the comet’s coma or head look like? In what zodiacal constellations was the comet seen? Where within constellations did it appear? The private parts of a human constellation figure such as Hercules, Orion, or Andromeda? The head of one of the celestial serpents? Etc. In what direction did the comet seem to point? What events in the heavens or on the earth coincided with the comet’s appearance? For instance, a comet that occurred at the time of an eclipse or the commencement of a new ruler’s reign was liable to be interpreted with reference to that event. Where in the sky did the comet seem to pause? How long did the cometary apparition last? With which stars was the comet in conjunction? How did it relate to established celestial entities like the stars, the planets, the Moon, and the Sun? What was the position of the comet relative to the Sun? This revealed the beginning of the augured events if it was to the west, it meant the onset of the prophesied woes was delayed; to the east, it meant the onset was imminent Ptolemy. Of course, many of these principles for the interpretation of comets would have been adopted well beyond the circle of astrologers. One did not need to buy into an astrological system of interpretation to conclude that a serpent-shaped comet in a serpentine constellation might be bad news for a ruler or dynasty, or to believe that a large and bright sword-like comet hanging over a city was an omen of judgment against that city. Vacations packages 2016.

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