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Vacations on a budget for was as broad as the distance between the top two stars in the Big Dipper’s bowl degrees. Halley’s Comet in AD was as wide as four ingers at arm’s length ? degrees, and in it was as wide as the Big Dipper’s bowl is high degrees, as were comets in and In the end of Comet Ikeya-Seki’s tail was as wide as the distance between the stars on Orion’s belt degrees. In addition, the Great Comet of ig was as wide as the Andromeda Galaxy degrees. The Great Comet of igs; ; was described as being like a very wide belt that stretched from one side of the horizon to the other with little difference in its breadth degrees. FIG The Great Comet of as seen from Prague. A broadside, Von einem Schrecklichen und Wunderbarlichen Cometen Prague Peter Codicillus, Image credit Wickiana Collection, Graphische Sammlung und Fotoarchiv Department of Prints and Drawings/Photo Archive, Zentralbibliothek Z?rich Z?rich Central Library. FIG An engraving of Coggia’s Comet C/ H as seen from the Pont Neuf by Charles La Plante, Image credit Patrick Moore Collection, www. Vacations on a budget 2016.

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