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Vacations hawaii for Mill became the first major political theorist to publicly endorse the rights of women and argued that society was mistaken in limiting itself to the resources of only half the population. Karl Marx (1818 83). Although he drew on the ideas of classical liberalism as well as French and German thought, Marx rearranged those ideas to develop Marxian SOCIALISM. Marx believed that as alienated workers (the proletariat) rose up against capitalists (the bourgeoisie), they would wrest the means of production from the capitalists and place control in the hands of the STATE. Once the state had served its purpose, it was supposed to wither away. Unfortunately, when Marx’s theories were put into practice in communist countries, the state became totalitarian and hardly withered away. Marxist theory advocated the use of land to serve the public good rather than the interests of individual landowners. Vacations hawaii 2016.

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