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Vacations for kids for As we have already seen, some comets climax their career by being swallowed up by the Sun or by colliding with a planet. Comets and Meteoroid Streams Comets are responsible for most meteor showers and meteor storms. Due to outgassing and/or fragmentation, comets deposit along their orbital course a stream of dust particles, stones, and some boulders. As soon as each dust particle has been ejected from the nucleus, it orbits the Sun in its own path, which is, naturally, almost identical to that of the parent comet. As a result, there are ribbons of particles and little stones journeying around the Sun on similar orbits, subject to the effects of the planets’ gravitational pull. Over time the orbits of these particles, or meteoroids, evolve and the meteoroids spread out, so that the ribbons become convoluted and contorted. These ribbons or groups of ribbons of meteoroids on evolving orbits are called meteoroid streams. Vacations for kids 2016.

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