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Vacation usa for Brown rejected the historical veracity of the account on the ground that it was marked by intrinsic unlikelihoods. A star that rose in the East, appeared over Jerusalem, turned south to Bethlehem, and then came to rest over a house would have constituted a celestial phenomenon unparalleled in astronomical history; yet it received no notice in the records of the times. In addition, Ulrich Luz has claimed that the Magi story as a whole is historically improbable. The narrative, he maintains, does not conform to the laws of historical probability. The desperate questions of the interpreters demonstrate this Why did Herod not at least send a spy along with the Magi? How could the whole population of Jerusalem, the scribes, and the unpopular King Herod be perplexed by the coming of the Messiah? The star also is not described realistically, i.e., as astronomically plausible. Vacation usa 2016.

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