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Vacation nited states for Elaborate rhetoric is seen as an essential ingredient of the overall koan exerience, which carries with it the legacy of intense articiation by oets and other highly edcated literati An imortant element of the literary aroach that was mainly endorsed by all factions dring the classic eriod is that koans were oft en associated with the term tangled 68 vines C geteng, J katto Th is term sggests the imortance of bilding and interreting a comlex web of associations and allsions that ermeate dialoges and commentaries Th e two characters sed in the term are bivalent, with the fi rst referring to the destrctive tendrils of the invasive kdz a loan word from Jaa nese vine, which can also have benefi cial ses in medicine, diet, and basket weaving Th e second character refers to the beatifl blossoms of the enchanting wisteria vine, which can also be deleterios to other vegetation Vacation nited states 2016

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