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Vacation trips for Second, the fact that the comet of BC remained observable for just over days constitutes a major problem, for Herod’s order that one-year-old infants be slain was based on the fact that the Star had irst appeared at least a year beforehand vv. , Of course, Humphreys, although he insists that the birth of Jesus coincided with the comet’s appearance, attempts to get around this problem by postulating that, when the Magi told Herod that they had irst seen the Star two years ago, they were referring to the non-cometary phenomena. However, this simply does not work. After all, Herod asks the Magi not when the irst of a number of signs occurred, but when the star had appeared v And we must assume that the Magi answered his question straightforwardly, speaking of the irst appearance of the very same Star that they had reported seeing rise in verse It should also be noted that, according to verse , what underlay the Magi’s journey to Judea was one thing their observation of a star that they interpreted to be the Jewish Messiah’s. Had the apparition of the Star alone been inadequate to get them journeying westward, then we would have expected the Magi to speak of signs rather than the appearance of a star. Third, there was obviously something extraordinary about the Star of Bethlehem that prompted the Magi to conclude at the time that it was signaling the Messiah’s birth, and to be so sure of this that they traveled miles to Jerusalem in search of the newborn King. However, Humphreys’s hypothesis is unable to offer any explanation of why the comet itself was regarded as remarkable or interpreted in messianic terms. Vacation trips 2016.

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