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Vacation to sa for Danxia once criticized one of his rede ces sors, who, he said, only managed to oint his fi nger at the traces of Zen literatre and nderstood it literally Bt he was nable to reveal it to others Today, said Danxia, I will reveal the trth to everyone! Th ose who have eyes shold clearly recognize it for what it is Th en he strck the grond with his staff lodly and cried ot, Do yo see it A white egret standing in the snow: they are not the same color Th e bright moon and fl owering reeds: these two do not look alike According to this assage, the image of a white bird standing in a snowbank does not reresent niformity in a serfi cial sense, jst as the comlement of the silver moon and white reed blossoms is also not indicative of mere sameness Th ese meta hors sggest ways of seeing mltile factors and ersectives in what aears nondistinct 6 Introdction and, by imlication, a consistent view of what seems diversifi ed Vacation to sa 2016

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