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Vacation to america for Danxia then demanded, Why don’t yo try to say something else, and Hongzhi relied, Today I missed the oortnity and incrred blame Master Danxia remarked, I don’t have time to hit yo Yo can go now How delightflly ironic, I felt, that when Danxia did not even bother to strike the stdent when he fi nally acknowledged his falt, this was the signal of Hongzhi’s sccess I thoght of how my own mentor freqently showed me what is oft en called in Zen grandmotherly kindness by taking great ains to highlight and correct the fl aws of my stdies, bt he wold become incommnicative jst as I no longer needed to hear his rerimands He seemed to be following a Jaa nese saying in regard to a leader’s attitdeYo have to be crel to be kind in forcing the trainee to learn for himself Th e story of Danxia’s method of teaching frther enhanced my new nderstanding of koans Vacation to america 2016

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