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Vacation spots for What Pliny and Cassius Dio give us here is a clear instance of a comet, indeed one of the most famous comets in history, having a happy association. Molnar, however, in his rejection of the idea that the Bethlehem Star was a comet, offers a different spin on what transpired Augustus Caesar, Julius Caesar’s adopted son and political heir, knew that people would speculate that the new comet foretold his own death However, Augustus stemmed any thoughts about his demise by proclaiming that the comet was the wandering soul of Julius Caesar. Augustus proved to be one of history’s greatest propagandists and spin-control artists he commissioned coins and statues honoring the comet. FIG The front and back of a silver denarius from about / BC displaying Caesar’s Comet of BC. The comet’s tail is portrayed as oriented upwards. The other seven rays suggest that it was extremely bright. Image credit www. Vacation spots 2016.

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