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Vacation planning for The day-to-day practice of social production would teach workers the value of cooperation and this would become the basis for SOCIALISM, a social system that would be grounded in the process of transferring control over the production process from external bosses to the workers themselves. In Marx’s conception of economic evolution, socialism would resolve the contradiction of social production under the command of private capitalists. This conception of social production as creating a new kind of human being, a fully socialized worker, presumes that social production requires a certain type of intellectual transformation in direct producers. In other words, social production is presumed as creating an economic agent with a social consciousness, an active awareness of the value of cooperation and mutual dependence. However, social production may also be conceived as dampening such intellectual awareness. Social production under capitalism has evolved into a system of specialization under a command-andcontrol form of management. production, individual/social 677 The command-and-control management structure has fostered a separation between work that requires creative planning and evaluation and manual labor, leaving masses of workers involved to spend their time in work that is not intellectually stimulating. Vacation planning 2016.

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