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Vacation places in usa for Advocates of the ? BC hypothesis are unable to offer a plausible explanation of what Matthew describes. The Star’s standing could not refer to Jupiter becoming stationary relative to the ixed stars immediately before beginning retrograde motion, because that is not detectable by the human eye in the short space of a few hours. Moreover, if the planet’s becoming stationary were in Matthew’s mind, that would mean that the Star’s going in advance of the Magi, leading them forward, must refer to the movement of the planet relative to the fixed stars in the hours prior to its becoming stationary. But Jupiter’s movement relative to the ixed stars during the last hours before it paused would have been negligible and similarly impossible to perceive visually. At the same time, it should be realized that the Magi would have known well in advance about Jupiter’s movements and would hardly have elected to base their itinerary on this. Third, it is peculiar that Martin identiies Jupiter as the Star of the Messiah, but regards the celestial event marking his birth as having nothing to do with Jupiter. The celestial event marking Jesus’s birth was, Martin claims, simply the Sun clothing Virgo while the Moon was under her feet three days before the irst of the three Jupiter-Regulus occultations. Vacation places in usa 2016.

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