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Vacation laces in s for Nevertheless, Zhaozho wold not cater to fools and was highly selective in whom he taght According to a dialoge attribted to him in Gateless Gate case 7, an overly eager neohyte asks the master early one morning for gidance on how to attain enlightenment and is told to go back to his room and wash his breakfast bowls Here, the moral teaching in regard to the need to clear away abstractions and distractions by aying close attention to ractical matters is robably even clearer than in the case of the cyress tree Imatience while yearning to solve the bigger ictre leaves menial bt essential tasks ntended in a way that rohibits realization of tre reality Enlightenment, so to seak, is in the details In conveying several levels of ideology while sing few words, Zhaozho’s crytic resonses featre evocative minimalism and thoght- rovoking simlicity coled with the master’s eccentricity, temered by fl exible eclecticism Th ese ersonal traits and rhetorical elements contribte to the caacity of koan cases to exose illsion and ct throgh misarehension in order to sark an awakening Vacation laces in s 2016

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