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Vacation packages all inclusive for Conclusion Comets have fascinated and mystiied humans since the dawn of civilization. They are remarkably diverse icy balls of dirt and dust. To ancient sky observers, they turned the heavens into something akin to a celestial movie screen conveying divine messages. In ancient thought, they were often understood to be negative portents, but could also be interpreted positively. The Hebrew Bible relects a positive view of comets, even prophesying that one will appear to signal the Messiah’s coming, and portraying him in terms of it. The question to which we must now turn is whether a comet might have performed the role of the Star in the story of the Nativity. A Stranger midst the Orbs of Light The Star as a Comet Having evaluated the other major hypotheses put forward to explain the Bethlehem Star in chapter , and having then introduced comets in chapter , we must now turn to the key question Could the Star of Bethlehem have been a comet? In this chapter we will consider the two comet proposals currently on the table the Halley’s Comet and the BC Comet theories before making a more robust case for the view that the Star is to be identiied as one of the icy balls of dirt and dust zipping around the solar system in eccentric orbits. Vacation packages all inclusive 2016.

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