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Vacation package deals for One must assume that the Magi and their predecessors had seen a number of comets, including bright ones like Halley’s, come and go without undertaking major treks in search of a newborn King of the Jews. Why, then, would they have responded any differently in BC? The Chinese were deeply impacted by this apparition of Halley’s, but they had a completely different way of reading the heavens than the Babylonians and Greeks. What might have caused the Magi to think that a new king had been born and that he was Jewish and divine? An examination of Halley’s behavior in BC on astronomical software fails to shed any light on the issue. Fourth, Halley’s Comet did not remain visible for anywhere near as long as the Star of Bethlehem. Halley’s days do not compare well with the Star’s minimum apparition of one year. Fifth, the chronology of the Magi’s journey set out by Kokkinos allows less than weeks from August , when the comet attained to naked-eye visibility, to mid-September for the Magi to travel to Judea. Even if they had traveled an average distance of indeed ! miles per day, they would not have completed the journey from Bab ylon that quickly. Vacation package deals 2016.

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