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Vacation in usa for ? BC Combination Hypothesis Mark Kidger has argued that the Star of Bethlehem was the combination of the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in BC, the planetary massing of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn within Pisces in BC a massing is a grouping of objects in the same celestial location, a pairing of the Moon and Jupiter in Pisces on February in BC, and a nova in the spring of BC. The nova was the catalyst for the Magi’s journey to Judea, but, as an event that takes place once every years or so, only had the impact on the Magi that it did because the celestial phenomena of BC and BC had primed them to expect a deinitive inal sign of the Messiah’s birth. Indeed Kidger believes that, in the wake of the nova in BC, the Magi came to regard the triple conjunction of BC as coinciding with the birth of the Messiah. As ingenious as Kidger’s combination hypothesis is, it too fails to convince. Kidger, clearly aware of the inadequacies of the triple conjunction and nova theories, believes that together they become strong. Unfortunately, joining together lawed hypotheses does not necessarily create a strong hypothesis. A good number of the objections we raised against the triple conjunction and nova/supernova theories apply against Kidger’s combined view e. Vacation in usa 2016.

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