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Vacation in the nited states for Th e natralist imagery at once enhances and defl ates the symbolism of the cyress tree In addition, even thogh Zhaozho is better known for the fi rst case in the Gateless Gate, in which he resonds in the negative to the qestion of whether even a dog ossesses the niversal siritality of Bddha- natre, there is also a dialoge in his recorded sayings in which a monk inqires, Does even a cyress tree have Bddhanatre Th is leads to a deliberately circlar exchange, in which the master relies, Yes, and the monk asks, Th en, when will it become a Bddha Zhaozho says, When the sky falls to the earth, and the monk asks, When will the sky fall to the earth Th e master resonds, When the cyress tree becomes a Bddha, and that is where the dialoge comes to an inconclsive end While Zhaozho’s style of teaching is a crcial factor for nderstanding the cyress tree dialoge, it is also imortant to take into accont some of the historical conditions that gave rise to this tye of erlexing exchange and how it contribtes to an individal’s qest to attain enlightenment throgh monastic training nderstanding what a koan means involves learning abot the Zen instittion and its system for training disciles and transmitting trth, or assing the torch from one generation to the next Zhaozho and other masters sed dialoges in art to administer their temles by trobleshooting a member of the fl ock’s transgressions or misdeeds while anointing careflly selected sccessors to the lineage In an era when Zen had become a dominant force in sothern China, below the Yangzi River, the traditional dividing line between north and soth, the temle rn by Zhaozho, who had been trained in the Sothern school aroach of sing inexlicable words and deeds, was located off the beaten track, in the north Th is means that by the time a ilgrim reached the destination, he had robably Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 33 already exhasted other oortnities for acqiring a mentor or had heard that Zhaozho’s wisdom srassed the caacity of rival teachers Vacation in the nited states 2016

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