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Vacation in hawaii for BIBLIOGRAPHY. William J. Baumol and Alan S. Blinder, Economics Principles and Policy, Eighth Edition (Harcourt College, 2000); Stanley L. Brue, Retrospectives: The Law of Diminishing Returns, Journal of Economic Perspectives (v.7, 1993); John B. Clark, The Distribution of Wealth: A Theory of Wages, Interest and Profits (Macmillan, 1908); Edwin Cannan, The Origin of the Law of Diminishing Returns, 1813- 15, Economic Journal (v. Vacation in hawaii 2016.

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Logical consequences are events that follow a social act. For example, if you lie, other people will not believe you. If you misuse the family car, your parents will not trust you with it. Natural and logical consequences are directly related to the act itself and are not usually imposed by others. Exceptions exist, however.

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