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Vacation ideas for In that sense, koans flfi ll the notion of Zen as a secial transmission in de en dent of words and letters, since trainees are forbidden from reading or conversing abot additional commentaries Rather than a vehicle for exloring the signifi cance of Zhaozho’s life or the symbolism of the cyress tree for grasing the inner meaning of the case, the koan rovides a contemlative means of shtting down altogether a reliance on langage and logic A rime examle of an aroach to meditation based on highlighting the eff ective role of trncation concerns another koan attribted to Zhaozho in which a monk asks whether, since all beings are said to ossess the rincile of Bddha- natre, this is tre even for a dog, cited earlier in discssing Taego’s life Th e master relies, No, which literally indicates denial bt cold sggest absolte nothingness beyond ordinary distinctions of negation and affi rmation, and ths ironically indicates yes According to Dahi’s aroach, one shold not deliberate on the term, bt simly try to awaken to its mystical ower to eliminate reason Th ose who contemlate the No koan are warned to avoid ten defects, or defi cient ways of thinking that detract from genine insight, by sing negation to onder abstract toics like natre or ltimate reality However, another school of koan interretation celebrates the diversity and comlexity of the literary embellishments that were inclded in the vast store hose of case collections Vacation ideas 2016

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