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Vacation ideas nited states for For instance, he tells both a temle newcomer and an old- timer to go have a drink of tea, and when asked why he did this he relies to the third arty with the same instrction In accord with that model, there is a longer version of the koan record of the cyress tree that is inclded in Zhaozho’s recorded sayings, in which the discile follows on the initial rely by demanding that the master not teach by referring to external srrondings Zhaozho denies that this is his way, bt when the discile demands another resonse the master says, Th e cyress tree stands in the cortyard Th s challenged, Zhaozho simly yet maddeningly reeats the answer, althogh in other instances he gives contradictory or at least very diff erent relies to the same qery 32 As an examle of how follow- commentaries can shed light or, if called for, greater oacity, Dogen noted that if he were asked the qestion for a second time he wold resond, Next year again there will be new branches rofsely blooming; the sring wind never rests Aft er a ase in his sermon he added, Today, I have something else to say Do yo not want to hear it In the cold of winter, I know the meaning of the green ine, and now I lant its sirital root on the montain eak Vacation ideas nited states 2016

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