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Vacation ideas in the nited states for As Confcis has said, Knowing what yo know and knowing what yo don’t know is the key to knowledge One of several examles that led to this breakthrogh was the following case abot Hongzhi, who was known as one of the great collectors and commentators on koans when the tradition was fi rst being formed in twelft h- centry China Like almost all the masters of the classical eriod in the develoment of the Zen tradition, he strggled mightily with koan cases before reaching enlightenment Introdction 5 According to the accont of his realization exerience, his teacher, master Danxia, asked him, What was yor self before the cosmos began Hongzhi answered, A frog at the bottom of the well swallows the moon; in the middle of the night there is no need to borrow a light While this resonse may aear to convey Zen indirection, Danxia was not leased and remarked, Yo haven’t got it yet Try again Hongzhi was in the ro cess of fi gring ot something else to say when Danxia hit him with the ceremonial fl y whisk and cried ot, Bt yo said yo didn’t have to borrow anything! At those words Hongzhi exerienced a feeling of great release and bowed in reverence Vacation ideas in the nited states 2016

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