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Vacation ideas for couples for Indeed the more a hypothesis is forced to diverge from a natural reading of Matthew’s narrative, the less likely it proves itself to be. If Matthew is unreliable, then any hope of identifying the Star is dashed. But if he is reliable, then there is purpose to the quest, and the solution to the mystery will be able to explain naturally every aspect of Matthew’s account. Conclusion In this chapter we have considered most of the major hypotheses concerning the Star seen by the Magi in the east and then again in Bethlehem. They have each been found wanting. We must turn next to consider the comet hypothesis. What Sudden Radiance from Afar? Introducing Comets Having considered the other major proposals regarding the identity of the Star of Bethlehem, we must now turn to the last and most plausible of the main views, the comet hypothesis. Vacation ideas for couples 2016.

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