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Vacation hawaii for Sheffrin, Microeconomics: Principles and Tools (Prentice Hall, 2003); Patrick Primeaux and John A. Stieber, Profit Maximization: The Ethical Mandate of Business (Austin & Winfield, 1995). KRISTIN KUCSMA, PH.D. SETON HALL UNIVERSITY property See OWNERSHIP. Protestantism THE PHRASE Protestant work ethic is often quoted ruefully or sarcastically to explain the behavior of the increasing number of people who simply can’t seem to stop working, or alternately in reference to the seemingly restless activities of morally upright immigrant forbears. The original uses of the expression, however, were not intended to suggest either that all Protestants work hard or even that only Protestants work hard; the phrase stems from the pen of Max Weber, one of the most influential sociologists of the 20th century, and his now-classic essay of 1904 05, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit’ of Capitalism. Vacation hawaii 2016.

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