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Vacation destinations for Image credit Sirscha Nicholl. The Date of the Opening Scene of the Celestial Drama Revelation Remarkable as it may seem, if we accept that Revelation is describing the celestial nativity drama that marked the Messiah’s birth, the indication of the locations of the Sun and Moon with respect to Virgo in verse enables us to pinpoint the year and, within it, the day when the opening scene took place. In the scene, Virgo is clothed with the Sun v This suggests that the Sun is located over her midriff, which covers a roughly – to -degree zone from Virgo’s chest that is, just below the level of the stars ??? [Porrima to her groin that is, the level on Virgo’s body where Virginis is. At the same time, the Moon is under Virgo’s feet. What is most remarkable about this is that it occurs when the Sun is clothing her. Because of how close the Moon is envisioned as being, we know that it is a waxing Moon and indeed a very young lunar crescent. To grasp what this means, it is important to pause and reflect briefly on the lunar cycle. Vacation destinations 2016.

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