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Vacation destinations s for Nothing was gained or delivered Th en, as my access and aroach to the material became more varied and nanced throgh additional levels of exerience once I became a rofessor who lectred on the toic reglarly, I began to see that my sense of desair was not the sorce bt, rather, the key to the soltion of the roblem Th e dobt I was ndergoing is recisely the kind of emotional trmoil that is reqired to insire one to deeen and refi ne one’s knowledge and areciation of the need for ongoing contemlation withot regard to attaining a goal Th e koan, I realized, is my koan I, or my fi xation with getting to a certifi able end oint, was the nderlying case blocking my ath becase I was execting too mch and nderstanding too little It was time, according to a crrent saying, to wake and smell the roses Working with koans made me realize that nderstanding there is always more to learn is crcial for gaining insight Vacation destinations s 2016

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