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Vacation destinations near nyc for While the oint of Zhaozho’s For Gates’ might be clear enogh, other cases, like the famos What is the sond of one hand claing seemed to lead only to an endless feeling of frstration Th is sense is 4 Introdction catred by Franz Kafk a’s 1919 arable abot the ftility of ower, An Imerial Message, one of several Kafk a works infl enced by Asian cltre According to the story, a dying Chinese emeror who lives in a alace located inside the Forbidden City asks a messenger to send a memo to one of his sbjects otside the gates Desite his best eff ort, the imerial messenger cannot fi nd a way ot of the maze of corridors and cortyards in the alace, so the emeror’s message will never reach its targeted reciient Kafk a writes, How vainly does he wear ot his strength; still he is only making his way throgh the chambers of the innermost alace; never will he get to the end of them; and if he scceeded in that nothing wold be gained Th is was exactly what I felt abot working with koans As in Zeno’s aradox regarding the imossibility of movement, it wold be imossible ever to reach the desired destination, even with vigoros determination, and I did not feel like I was getting anywhere closer to trth Vacation destinations near nyc 2016

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