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Vacation destinations near chicago for Zhaozho also had a knack for sing commonlace items in the immediate srrondings a radish, a water bff alo, a cloth shirt, or a stone bridge sitated in the town near his temle as matters for dee refl ection in a koan dialoge Everything and anything cold be considered to exress dee metahysical trth Zhaozho’s resonses were deliberately nredictable or consistently inconsistent Sometimes, he gave distinct answers to interloctors who demonstrated the same behavior, as when in Gateless Gate case 11 he seeks ot two hermits sitting in caves on the montainside, both of whom raise a fi st when they see him coming In resonse, the master lavishly raises the accomlishment of one of the hermits while disdainflly dismissing the other Only a Zen master can determine for sre who is being athentic and who is mimicking words or gestres However, on other occasions, the master wold give the same rely to diff erent followers Vacation destinations near chicago 2016

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